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Modern Drummer, November 2019

Amazon Review 

“I cannot praise or recommend this book highly enough.” 

Being a huge Beatles fan & having over (nearly) 400 books about the group I thought I’d read most about what has been written about the group. Although there are rather a lot of books about the Beatles, which have explored their musical style, approach & structure – very few have focused primarily on Ringo’s drumming. This book, however, does just that.

Concentrating on his drumming on the White Album it highlights his unique style and explains how he managed to get the sound he did from his drums. It also offers some technical details on time signatures & drum patterns. This is truly an original & fascinating book & will be of interest not only to Beatle fans but also to drummers of all musical genres.

I’ve now read this twice – and got more out of it on the second reading. I also found myself listening to the drum sections discussed in the book.
I cannot praise or recommend this book highly enough. It is a great read & a welcome addition to any musical library!